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72 Horas

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Value proposition

Real-time remote management for lift maintenance

Competitive advantage

72Horas is interfacing with many european lift elevator manufacturers

Service description

The lift maintainer can check all the necessary information of the installation for its correct functioning. The elevator itself can even report a fault in real time through an email or an SMS. In the case that a failure notice is received from a lift that is 50km from the delegation, before sending an operator, you can check whether or not there is a real breakdown.

Device description

The GSM link is connected to the tele-alarm by providing bidirectional communication with the cab, the connection to the maneuver will be made directly with the RS232 port of the GSM link (depending on maneuvers, it may be RS485 or BUS-CAN). The cloud of 72 hours allows us:

- Operate remotely with the elevator
- Receive the damage warnings before the Owners Community even knows
- Verify a fault call before having to send the operator to verify the incident
- Program the parameters of the maneuver
- Increase the satisfaction of the Community of Owners, reducing to 0 the incidences by fault

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Nayar Systems

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