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Value proposition

Packet gateway that establishes direct GTP tunnels between the IoT device and the customers site.

Competitive advantage

No IP connectivity to the device from the hosting cellular operator. Device are not open to the internet, this decreases the device attack surface

Service description

The GTP tunnels are established over the secure GPRS roaming exchange network (GRX) which is a not accessible from the public internet. The GRX network is used by network operators globally to transport user payload between network operators.

Beezz segments the network in closed garden server which separtes the traffic into homogeneous instances for the traffic.

It provides a Secure IOT connectivity platform which is able to manage the all security of the deployment. It also implements the rules of security against intrusions.

Beezz can deploy a software based HLR with radio access encryption keys which are securely stored on the customer site.

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