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Bird tracking
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Bird tracking

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Value proposition

Falcon Tracking System via GPS, GPRS, UHF and Solar battery

Competitive advantage

Unique device in the world combining the 3 methods of tracking (radio, GPS and cellular) in 1 with a tiny solar battery

Service description

A very tiny device is strapped on the back of the falcon or the hawk. It transmits a radio signal to know the distance, direction, speed and altitude of the bird while flying. With a transportable handset you receive these data in real time via radio from the device which is on the back on the falcon or hawk. You can also link this handset via bluetooth to your smart phone or tablet to visualize in real time on google map the path of the bird in the air.

In the case that the radio signal is lost because of the distance or because the bird in on the soil again after catching its prey the device is able to send the GPS position of the animal through a SMS. You receive then the position of the bird on your cell phone. You just click the position on google map to get again the exact position of the bird.

If the falcon or hawk gets lost and you have lost the radio link to the bird and it doesn`t transmit the GPS position through the SMS (because the animal is trapped in a closed space), you can get an approximate position of the animal by the position of the latest GSM antenna which is was attached to and, then exactly localize it again by approaching the bird with your radio antenna.

The device has also a solar battery with an autonomy of up to 4 months and is also a datalogger sorting this information for later retrieval.

A software is also provided to later analyze the behavior of the falcon or hawk`s flight.

Device description

- Weight: 18 gr
- UHF transmission from 433 MHZ to 434 MHZ. over 1.000 channels.
- GPS localization by radio or GSM with SMS
- Chargeable 4 months lifetime battery with a plug for your car.

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