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DATALONG16, a contemporary and innovative company founded on the basis of experience in the field of logistics, distribution and management of the cold chain.

In response to the specific demands of our customers and drawing on experience, knowledge and a broad technical capability we launched the DL16, a small datalogger manufactured in Europe with high value features and greatly useful for the industry.

DataLong16 is used in several vertical industries such as pharma, agrifood, medical, chemical, laboratories, transportation,... All of them strongly related to logistics and distribution.

With this major launch, we aim to revolutionize the industry, setting the benchmark in the sector by helping many companies to obtain a real vision of transportation, gain greater control over their goods and make cost savings. All this with a clear improvement in business efficiency and sustainability.
We help companies

At DL16, we help companies in various industries closely related to transportation, logistics and distribution.

Specifically, we offer monitoring solutions for critical freight transportation using variables such as temperature, GPS location, impacts, verticality, humidity, ... All this data is provided in real time and across multiple platforms for authorized system users to determine and be warned at any time about the state of their assets.

To ensure all these possibilities, our engineering team is actively working to offer technologically advanced solutions designed to meet the needs of users and making their day-to-day activity easier and more productive.

Our solutions are designed based on a highly empathic focus on users, making our products high-value solutions for our customers and users.