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Emergency phone for lift

Emergency phone for lift

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One-shot Fee: 120 €

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Value proposition

Emergency compact telephone easy to configure, with advanced audio capabilities, and with capacity to remote lifts maintenance.

Competitive advantage

Compact; all in one: Phone, battery and charger.

Service description

Optimum Quality-Price Ratio
Compact and integrated design: everything you need to ensure proper compliance with the EN 81-28 standard. The MMk-656 includes besides the emergency phone capabilities, a 12V lead acid battery charger and voice sinthesizer for voice announcing.

Quick and Easy installation
Compact size to be easily adapted to small spaces, voice-assisted configuration or auto-configuration available through microSD card; possibility of multicabin facilities without added wiring.

Get power supply under control
Wide range of power input: 10-30Vdc. and benefit the battery charger to have an emergency power source. Together with the emergency phone, it mesures the voltage of the battery and the power grid and sends state alerts of the the battery to a set telephone number.

Total control through the MERak management software

Program and operate the emergency telephones in your elevator fleet from any place and any time with the MERak management software.

Give voice to the lift
The built-in voice synthesizer besides assisting configuration in place, it may be connected to the controller or the graphic display by RS485 to enable the multi-language custom voice announcer options.

Device description

- Wide range power supply: from 10 V to 30 V DC
- Integrated two step intelligent charger for lead battery
- Built-in Floor Synthesizer
- Multilingual: up to two languages simultaneously in the cabin and a third technical setup language
- Indicator LEDs of alarm progress
- End of Alarm pushbutton and Alarm Filter
- Intercom analogue output

Certified > No

Reference > MMk-656

Connected Thing > Lift



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