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Gennion Nutshell

Gennion Nutshell

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Value proposition

Monitor customer-visiting behaviours in Smart spaces

Competitive advantage

Our engineering is unique at deploying technical infratructure based on a network of sensors over a Smart space

Service description

Nutshell extracts business value from visiting behaviors by applying advanced modeling and analytical techniques.

The Cloud Plataform is designed with Big&Fast Data technologies allowing proper and non-limited scaling, and real-time data analysis of events and interaction.

Nutshell also enriches location metrics with other data sources to provide a quality and complete view of the business process and contextualize data. Among others it includes external data (weather, events, socio-demographic, etc.), traffic metrics from people counters, tickets series and marketing campaigns. Gennion has a broad experience in micro-location projects and learnt best practices that may be useful when approaching new clients.

Based on real experiences, any micro-location solution is a multi-stream value generation tool:

- Learn from users for a more Efficient Operations
- Identify users and collect information from them
- Activate past users data to cross and up-sell more
- Research on customer behaviors to infer need and optimize offering
- Increase Customer Loyalty
- Provide better Customer Service
- Connect with Customers

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