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Heat recovery system

Heat recovery system

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Value proposition

Remote sensing to recycle energy in industrial plant

Competitive advantage

The solution has been conceived without battery for ATEX environments due to the explosion risk of lithium batteries.

Service description

System connected to Internet to recycle energy from the steam, hot gas, hot water/liquid in the industrial process. A unit called Waste Heat Recovery Unit is strapped to the production pipe in the factory. This transforms the heat which is generated by the industrial process and flows through the pipe into electricity by exchanging heat. The unit is in fact a thermal battery which provides finally power supply. The heat recovery unit is also wired to a device connected to Internet for remote management through an IoT platform. Data are also collected from different points of the process by sensors that are also attached to the pipes along the production process. This solution for saving energy can be applied in oil and gas pipelines or in gas turbine like for example in a refinery. The automotive, chemical or cement industry are just a few examples where a lot of heat is lost and this solution can be applied.

Device description

- Transmission of Data through Bluetooth, LoRa or NB-IoT
- Sensors for pressure, humidity, gases, fluids, flow, temperature, acceleration / vibration, position and stress.

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