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KYON Pet Tracker

KYON Pet Tracker

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One-shot Fee: 249 $

Monthly Fee: 4.99 $

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Value proposition

Location tracking collar

Competitive advantage

KYON is the thinnest GPS pet tracker collar today,that looks and feels like a regular collar

Service description

KYON will immediately alert you if your pet is missing. Not only it will help you to track its location, but it will also display helpful contact information right on the collar, when found by someone else. Your phone or the Basestation creates a perimeter where your dog is in a safe zone of approximately 300ft.

Device description

Kyon uniquely combines the basic collar function with advanced technology to locate your pet at all times, providing useful information on its health, mood and activity levels.

- Dimensions: 390mm x 17.8mm x 8.8mm
- Weight: 60g.
- Wireless modules: GPRS/3G, GPS, Bluetooth 4.0
- Battery: Rechargeable 420 mAh LiPo
- Sensors: 9-Axis accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer, 2 x temperature sensors, altimeter (barometric pressure sensor)
- Material: TPU
- Other: Water resistant/IP 67

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