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Nayar Systems

Nayar Systems is an IoT leader in lift/elevator industry

Nayar Systems is a company specialized in telecommunications engineering for the lift industry. It provides a service for European compliance of the emergency calls from the lift cabin (EN 81-28 standard). The company is also commercializing other services like a screen to display information of the lift and multimedia content like local weather, news, videos, logo, etc. It provides also a management system for remote maintenance based on Telemetry and Remote Control of the lift.

As a service and hardware company Nayar Systems has been founded in 2007 and has a strong commitment to R&D. The company sells all over the world and is present not only in Spain but also in Germany, France and China.

Nayar Systems is a strong skateholder in the region of Valencia in Spain with deep collaboration with local authorities like the University of Castellón and local technology races for innovation.