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Open VLC device
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Open VLC device

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One-shot Fee: 150 €

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Value proposition

Off-the-shelf prototype using the visible light spectrum

Competitive advantage

The software-defined approach of the platform allows easily reconfiguring the system according to the application needs. The platform runs on a cost-effective yet powerful credit-card-sized embedded board.

Service description

It can be used as a starter kit for embedded VLC research, as well as an education kit for courses aimed at undergraduate students.

Device description

OpenVLC is composed of three parts:

- An embedded system BeagleBone Black (BBB).
- The OpenVLC1.1 hardware, i.e., the VLC transceiver (also called BBB cape).
- The OpenVLC1.1 software, a software-defined PHY and MAC layer, implemented as a Linux driver.

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Charles Thoma

The device of IMDEA is a very good tool for testing the applications which I am currently developping in domotics.


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