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Value proposition

Tracking and fleet management system for GPS devices.

Competitive advantage

SleepGpsClient can be used with any kind of tracking Device which has a function of GPS (like for example a Mobile or a tablet)

Service description

SleepTracker is tracks an unlimited number of objects in real time, gets specific notifications, and generates reports. SeepGpsClient Software is compatible with most GPS and smartphones. It`s easy to use, just log in, add your GPS devices and start tracking your objects for less than 5 minutes.

Device description

· Real-time tracking - see the exact address, travel speed, gasoline consumption, etc.

· Notifications - receive instant alerts about your defined events: when the object enters or leaves geo-zone, speeding, theft, bridges, SOS alarms

· History and Reports - Preview or download reports. It can include different information: driving hours, bridges, distance traveled, fuel consumption, etc.

· Fuel savings - check the fuel level of the tank and the fuel consumption along the route.

· Geofencing - allows you to set geographic boundaries around the areas that have a specific interest for you, and get alerts.

· POI - with POI (points of interest) you can add markers in places that might be important to you, etc.

· Optional accessories - GPS system supports various accessories

Certified > No

Connected Thing > Car/Vehicle

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