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Smart parking sensor

Smart parking sensor

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Value proposition

Vehicle detection with sensor fixed for intelligent parking

Competitive advantage

The smart parking node doesn`t need any configuration. It can installed and configured over the air.

Service description

The device is available in 3 versions. It can simply be fixed on the floor or partially embedded or surface-ike to the ground. The device contains a battery with an autonomy of more than 4 years. The device detects a car over its top because of the variation of a radar signal. The data is sent to a gateway for transmition to the apllication server.
One possible application is to connect the car detection with a LED over the roof for visual indication of the avaibility of the parking place. One can also manage the occupation of the parking floors and deviate new accesing cars to other less busy floor.

Device description

Enclosure dimensions 37.25 mm x 200 mm
Power supply Built-in lithium-thionyl chloride (Li-SOCl2) batteries; expected lifetime of 4-10 years*
Configurable sleep time Min: 20 s / max: 10 min
Radio protocol LoRaWAN module
Dual detection Radar (main) and magnetic (backup)
Provisioning Ready to install (default LoRaWAN OTAA IDs and key are loaded to each node)
Node configuration Via "Remote Configuration Form" (web form)
LoRaWAN configuration Via "Smart Devices App" (Java desktop application)
Operating temperature -20 to +65 °C

Certified > No

Connected Thing > Car/Vehicle



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