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The DL16

The DL16

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Value proposition

Cold chain management at different stages of shipments

Competitive advantage

All devices are in compliance with IATA, IP65 and EN13485 and EN12830 regulations.

Service description

Cold Chain monitoring

The DL16 is the perfect addition for controlling cold chain management at different stages of shipments, by any means of transportation. Thanks to the latest technology and to its website, there will no longer be any doubt as to where the goods are or what state they are in at any time. In addition, by taking advantage of the smart device we can rest easy, safe in the knowledge that we will be automatically notified in case of any critical event and we can take preventive measures to minimize the impact and even prevent breakage of the cold chain.

Monitoring of clinical and pharmaceutical products

Vaccines, organs, active substances and medicines among others, are products which are sensitive to temperature and must therefore be kept under controlled temperature conditions. Also given the often urgent nature of your shipments, the DL16 is the ideal solution for monitoring these products. The DL16 allows you not only to locate and determine the temperature but also receive alerts in case of sudden changes in temperature, impacts or imminent arrival at destination.

Quality in the agrifood transportation

Products intended for human consumption are sensitive to many aspects. First, the quality and freshness of the foodstuff must be guaranteed to give a good quality product to consumers. Furthermore, it is important to avoid potential health problems and finally, to ensure legal compliance of transportation practices. For all this, the DL16 can control and trace the cold chain of shipments thus ensuring the expected quality.

Reality of the Cold Chain

The DL16 is the perfect device to identify weaknesses of the cold chain in logistics routes. It allows for data collection that can subsequently yield findings and remedy any detected weaknesses. Thus, it is possible to provide a quality service for customers, ensuring their loyalty and increasing their numbers. The DL16 is the perfect partner to guarantee the services provided.

Location of the goods

As well as its full functionality, the DL16 allows us to provide the goods with discretionary visibility. Moreover, thanks to these functions it is possible to receive smart alerts regarding the chain of different events such as the arrival or departure of a limited area, certain impacts or subjection to high or low temperatures. Always in real time and complying with the current regulations.

Device description

The DL16 is a small, autonomous and compact data logger with real time internet connectivity and enhanced GPS localization.

It features high quality probes for temperature, humidity, pressure and a powerful 3D orientation sensor and impact detector. All data is stored in the memory and transmitted through the internet, resulting in a powerful data logger connected in real time and accessible through a browser.

Its mission is to accompany the goods and sensitive goods during transportation either by land, sea or air, and reporting at all times on their condition.

The smart communication system protocol, in addition to contributing to saving on the battery, allows transmitting data to different interfaces and receiving new orders such as increasing sensitivity, increasing the monitoring frequency or including new users in the alarms system that are received by email, twitter.

The GPS system has been enhanced with different algorithms and also using a triangulation system with mobile coverage. Thus, it is possible to have an accurate location of the goods in real time and of the path travelled.

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