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Value proposition

Asset tracking with IoT for manufacturing and logistics.

Competitive advantage

Tracktio is first in the market to provide a unified architecture that combines the multiple tracking and IoT technologies (RFID, UWB, RTLS, LoRa) to link the physical world with the digital knowledge

Service description

TrackSphere is a software-oriented infrastructure that links physical devices in real-time, like Sensors, RFID readers, Machine Actuators, etc. and the web or your operations applications like ERP or others.

Tracksphere architecture is client independent and hardware agnostic, that gathers, stores and distributes massive amounts of data between physical devices in real-time gets data from the physical world, through sensors like IoT devices, RFID readers, RTLS indoor/outdoor location systems, barcode / 2D identification readers, etc.

Tracksphere let companies to use tracking + IoT data in a meaningful way in their existing applications (like ERP, CRM, MES or MRO) or in ad-hoc business analytics to improve processes and enterprise operations.

Device description

RFID solutions, IoT solutions that remotely manage sensors and actuators, Real Time Location (RTLS for indoor and outdoor positioning) have the same objective: to take data from the physical world (made of assets, items, people and processes) trigger automated actions, and integrate the information into a Business Application (ERP, Warehouse Management, Asset and People tracking app, etc..) so customer can take fact-based decisions.

To enable end to end solution, we also developed with the help of our device partners (Zebra/Motorola, Libelium, ThinkMagic, Impinj, etc.) a crítical piece of software that runs on the sensor or actuator, as an embedded middleware, communications agent and device manager.

Our System Integrator partners and international Distributors can easily implement complex projects, with Tracktio software and hardware devices and their professional services to provide to their customers a complete solution.

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