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Value proposition

Long range wireless emitter for irrigation valves

Competitive advantage

Easy installation with more than 10 years of autonomy

Service description

WaterSens is a control irrigation System with Sigfox/Lora connectivity. It allows the optimisation of water consumption and a dramatic reduction of maintenance costs. Among its most direct applications we have:

- Wireless water valves,
- Irrigation of garden and public parks,
- Golf irrigation
- Landscape irrigation,
- Water supply.

Device description

SmartSens is a smart irrigation IP67 controller, capable of controlling up to 4 valves per device.

Up to 10 years of autonomy in 2 lithium batteries of 3,6V

> 10 km in direct line of sight
> 2 km in urban environment
> 10 floors inside building

Certified > Yes

Connected Thing > Water valves

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